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#ifndef __STRUCTS_H__
#define __STRUCTS_H__

typedef char bool, mychar;

typedef struct _point *point;

struct _point {
  int x, y;

typedef struct {
  struct _point pnt;
  int         col;
} *cpoint;

typedef struct {
  bool b;
  int  x;
  struct {
    int   y, z;
    point pnt;
  } nested;
} *weird;

typedef struct ambiguousName {
  int x;
} ambiguousName;  /* same name for struct tag and type */
typedef struct ambiguousName someOtherName;

point make_point (int x, int y);

weird make_weird (void);

mychar *getSpacePtr (void);

/* bitfield functionality

struct bit_struct {
  char         c1;
  unsigned int bit : 1;
  signed   int very_small_int : 3;
  char             c2;

struct bit_struct *get_bit_struct();

#ifdef __GNUC__
/* this is to check c2hs's resistance to GNU extensions
struct _MyStructAlign {long int x;};
struct _MyStruct
  int bar;
__attribute__ ((aligned (__alignof (struct _MyStructAlign))))

#endif /* __GNUC__ */

/* to test nested struct/unions (regression test)
typedef struct { int type; int typ1; } FT;
typedef union { int type; FT typ1; } SDL_Event;

#endif /* __STRUCTS_H__ */

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